MTAS Dream Hamilton Cast!

What is an MTAS member?

We are a mixture of bloggers, students, amateur and professional musical theatre performers, composers, directors, writers and happy audience members! Anybody belonging to the growing Face Book group is considered a member. We offer advice, discuss musicals and genuinely encourage the new faces of musical theatre.

Recently we have been asking everybody and anybody to take part in our musical theatre based polls. These polls have been running separately on Face book and Twitter to accommodate to our MTAS members without twitter; however all final votes have excluded the Face book comments.

We have received a brilliant response from these polls in particular to the globally popular musical Hamilton! We have managed to use your votes to cast some of its iconic and loved characters! Note, not all characters have been cast therefore please feel free to contact us about the missing characters! You can do this via:

Twitter: MTAS_Official

Face Book: The Musical Theatre Appreciation Society

Similarly you can use the comment tab below! Let’s see who you chose!

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MTAS team


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