In the Heights 2016/17 cast – Extension

If you are a fan of the energetic and brilliant Washington Heights production…

You will be aware that the cast changes are quite frequent. With the demanding dance numbers, injuries have been cruel to this cast. On the plus side this has meant that as a regular to the barrio you would have most likely seen the multi-talented cast embody each others roles! This has been exciting and has incited several of the MTAS polls. Several of us have wondered what the final date of the productions end  was, as ticket sales originally ended Oct 30th… well we can announce this production has been extended for it’s final time to: 8th January 2017! Another couple of months for us to be amazed in the barrio!

With several of our favourite cast members leaving the barrio for good on September 4th, it’s time they pass the baton on to a new ‘In The Heights Familia’. The production will end with a mixture of the original Southwark cast and some new faces:

IN THE HEIGHTS 2016/2017 CAST (from 16th September)

Sam Mackay – Usnavi

Arun Blair-Mungat – Benny

Vas Constanti – Piragua Guy

Gabriela Garcia – Nina

Damian Buhagiar – Sonny

Sarah NaudiVanessa

David Bedella – Kevin

Juliet Gough – Camila

Stephanie Rojas – Carla

Eva Polycarpou – Abuela

Jonathan Bishop – Graffiti Pete

 Ensemble will include: Reiss Hinds, Raffaella Covino, Michael Cortez. Who will be joined by ensemble members: Tara Young, Genesis Lynea, Christopher Tendai, Shanice Burton and Alex Thomas.

Further casting to be announced soon – I am sure you are all dying to know who the amazing Phillipa Stefani is handing the Daniela baton onto! We say good bye to: Cleve September, Spin, Phillipa Stefani, Jocasta Almgil, Kimmy Edwards, Ryan Ried, Norma Atallah, Josie Benson, Alex Sarmiento and Dex Lee.

“May be tonight is our last night together, however how do you want to face it? Do you really wanna waste it when the end is so close you can taste it” (Usnavi)

 Well done and good luck from the MTAS family!

 MTAS Admin



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