Day seating alone: A comical first timer’s perspective

6:45 AM: Alarm goes off, cry, ask yourself what the meaning of life is.

fullsizerender-228:00 AM: If you are not a morning person then this process may kill you
Cause of death: waking up before 7AM


8:30 AM: I have never day seated before so honestly I had no idea what to expect. As simplistic as this may sound …day seating is not seating in the day. A truer terminology would be ‘morning standing’.

Prior to this I watched a clip from MTAS Admin Lewis Snell entitled ‘Guide to day seating’ where he very accurately broke the process down into three steps

1. Research – finding out exactly how much each theatre offers in their day seating package and maybe asking around for what would be a suitable time to arrive!
2. Planning – making sure you have some snacks and a drink! Also bringing a portable charger as this morning standing business can be time-consuming! If you are as attached to your mobile device as I am and do not bring a charger you will watch your only friend slowly die on you
3. Enjoy – see a great show and have a great time!

I arrive the blinds are shut and I panic – am I supposed to be here? Is there a secret day seating location? I call Lewis, wake him up (happy to share my suffering) he tells me to relax and lets me in on a secret that I genuinely didn’t know “You’ll wait until about 10AM

So go on here’s my head just hit it with a rock! (Legally Blonde reference)


8:45: Did I follow any of Lewis’ steps? Did I heck! And boy do I regret it! As I type up these words my phone battery is playing a game of ‘let’s see how much you really need me’ and my stomach is playing a game of ‘lets rumble to the Gods’. I am a heart beat away from stealing a loaf of bread from a local store and screaming “I am 24601” as the Javert of supermarkets corner me! Therefore I can’t stress enough how important it is to follow these steps!

Me and Valjean merged

9:00 AM: Lewis sends me a message “I do not envy you Willy”

My response:

fullsizerender-269:30 AM: Day seating is not fun, I imagine this process be a little less mind numbingly boring with a pal but even then I am really not a patient person. The guide also suggested bringing a form of entertainment, another tip I neglected. However I can tell you that the cleaners threw out exactly 23 bin bags (oh yes it’s got that bad). Being aware of what to expect is the best cure for the boredom you will definitely begin to feel an hour after waiting.


9:45 AM: Others have now arrived. We are in a horizontal line so it it not clear who was here first. Paranoia kicks in (if they think they are jumping the queue I have watched all of the Rocky movies


10:00 AM: my phone is at 27% … I can almost hear it singing “on this page I write my last confession, read it well, when I at last am sleeping. It’s the story of one who turned from working, a phone who only learned to love when I was fully charging” (Les Mis reference) … Ooh the blinds are lifting (insert cheeky celebratory dance)

img_506610:05 AM:
Gentlemen: “welcome to kinky boots day seating, you will all be on the front row – later on the producers will be releasing tickets but you will be on the front row don’t worry. Box office will open from 10:30. Tickets will be for the 7:30 evening show at £20 and we accept cash or card”.
Me: do you accept vouchers?
Gentlemen: we do indeedy


10:15 AM: just you wait, just you wait

10:30 AM: Tkts collected – Stalls – Front Row A 19+20 = these bad boys are the best seats in the house!

Well what a morning! The part that kills is knowing you were waiting from 8ish and seeing people stroll in at 10:27 and still grab amazing seats…
Perhaps 8ish is a little early, but first in line, best seats in the house at a measly 20 quid #Bargain! Not sure morning standing is for me but I may change my mind when the lights go up at 7:30PM! Later on in the afternoon/evening, I and Lewis will be attending a press event for a new British musical – blogs/footage pending! And we will finesse our evening with these beauties!


Written by MTAS Admin


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