Someone brought a Pizza to the Theatre!!!

So I thought I would spontaneously book last minute tickets to see In the Heights today! Bringing my number up to 17 times! However I attended not only to support the new cast but with growing interest about this new Silent Snack project. I think it’s only right I first share a quick commentary about the show itself. I believe a cheeky insert I shared via our twitter account should suffice:

fullsizerender-29Before entering the theatre venue, I managed to bump into Two TodayTix representatives; Em and Tessa. Who were both incredibly friendly and ready to divulge more information about the new SilentSnacks project! So incase you’ve never heard of this let’s quickly catch you up! The SilentSnacks project headed by TodayTix is the much needed answer to incredibly loud eaters at the theatre. It offers quietly chewed soft treats and drinks without gas to minimise loud burps!
Tessa and Em were kind enough to allow me to rummage through the products myself. I learned that all their food and drinks range come in personalised packaging that also minimise noise! Imagine a loud crisp packet rustling away during the moments silence after Mufasa’s death (spoiler alert: Mufasa dies). TodayTix packaging are made out of soft material almost like a personalised purse of treats that allow us to indulge in silent moments like when Simba sees his father die (spoiler alert: Simba sees his father die)!

Me: so how much are these products?
TodayTix: They are sold at £2 each
Me: And can I just show up and purchase or do I have to preorder?
TT: Customers preorder the snacks with their tickets and collect them from us
Me: so does it have to be directly from the TodayTix app or can we order it directly from official theatre sites?
TT: Directly from our app, it can be added on with your ticket purchase.

Now before you all rush off and preorder you a drink and me a drink for telling you about the drinks – TodayTix were using this project as a one week only trial to see the results. During our discussion they had managed to reveal that they were happy with the results as were the customers buying them! I unfortunately never did try their snacks as I was unaware of their pre-ordering policy. I would like to see this project go far however I do feel a bigger range in foods and drinks will encourage a bigger interest. As of now you would have been able to purchase:

Muffled Truffles
Popcorn Bites
Lime and mint anti gas drink served in a silicone cup


Now I am not suggesting theatres in general offer a huge snack menu. I mean one thing most of us are guaranteed about a theatre is that you can pick up a packet of the most expensive Minstrels. But to compete with a readily established food market it may need to expand on the choices available perhaps starting with a bigger range of anti gas drinks.
There are some questions I would like answered that I unfortunately didn’t have the time to ask. Mainly in regards to how the process will work should it continue. Will this new silent snacks menu serve as an additional choice at theatres or as a direct replacement? Whilst the project is small – pre-ordering and having representatives give it to you on arrival seems feasible but what happens should the project expand? They’ll be carts of preordered muffle truffles waiting outside the theatre. And should the project not be executed with a preordering policy does that now mean that every theatre will now have a TodayTix stand? It’s all very exciting and we’re interested in these answers! Speaking to these ladies made me realise just how much of an annoyance noisy eaters are to theatre goers. They let us in on some crazy anecdotes including a story of a man who actually brought a Pizza to the theatre! (Prior to this you were wondering what on earth the heading had to do with this article. There you have it folks – smart advertising at its finest). As a courtesy to you for at least waiting to hear the story I will finish it! A gentlemen convinced himself it was okay to bring a hot just cooked straight out of the oven Pizza to the theatre. Naturally he was told he couldn’t bring it in and he actually went and collected his cold Pizza hours after the show had ended! (The story isn’t as interesting as I would like this to be for you so let’s pretend on his way him he gave half his pizza away to a lady, they broke off into a musical number AND that kids is how he met your mother).

If you are a representative and can give us some answers leave a comment! Similarly if you are a customer who has tried the products let us know how they compare to the readily established theatre snacks!

You can get in contact with us via the comment tab below or send us a tweet!

Written by MTAS Admin



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