Interview a West End star: in your Pyjamas

Theatre both Musical and without is a much beloved contributor to our world of arts and creativity. If for only a moment, it offers a wondrous escape from the real world. Those that work together to make it happen are all pivotal in their roles. From the producers, to the performers right down to the devoting fans; for there is simply no performance without an audience. We are able to see these fantastic performers embody these fabulous characters night after night without failure of impressing. There stunning efforts are accompanied by a technical team, a live band, a front of house and of course you – the audience.

Our access to these theatre bodies are of course limited, with stage door being our peep into the world of performers without the rehearsed dialogue. Briefly exchanging a moment of real human interaction allows us to fall in love with the actors and not just the characters.

Well established theatre companies are able to access these celebrities by scheduling interviews and feeding their hungry following. But MTAS have discovered that with these stars performing regularly and the means to physically schedule an interview becoming increasingly harder; news is slowing down. Beside the odd “thanks” Retweet, Share and Like the social media gap between these stars and their fans is widening! We would like to do something about that! We not only want to give you more access to these stars but want to allow you to do it through the comforts of your own home!

Alas we bring you our Snapchat: MTASSOCIETY
(Add away)


And our new project:

MTAS – Ask as you go

We will be scheduling some brilliant theatre bodies to take over our account every now and then! Not only will you be able to ask questions – you’ll be able to do it in your Pyjamas! We have some fantastic stars lined up for you that all range from both the Londons West End and Americas Broadway productions! They will be taking over for a 15 minute minimum period and will be answering as many questions as they can fit in! Want to know how they got on stage? Want to hear a 10 second snippet of a song? Want to ask their hand in marriage? The floors all yours! You will all become official MTAS interviewers, MTAS journalists and (if they say yes to the proposal) an MTAS couple!
*We would like to make it clear our new portable interview service is a trial and whether we pursue it will be directly reflected by how many of you participate and ask away*

FAQ (Answers)

What is Snapchat?
– An app accessed by a smart phone that allows you to communicate via direct message or a short video clip

– A user has the option of sending a short clip to their story (accessed by all their Snapchat followers) or to an individual (private messages)

The ‘snap’ in the name is not a drill. These video messages are short, snappy and to the point! Which will allow for our stars to respond quickly and get a minimum of at least 100-120 questions answered.

After downloading Snapchat you will have the option to add friends please select ‘Add by username’ and search for us! Get connected!

Now all that’s left for you to do is add us! Don’t forget to let your Stagey Friends know! Also feel free to tweet us your favourite musical stars! We will do our best to get them!

Written by MTAS Admin




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