Theatre Etiquette 101: The Magic 5

You've never been to the theatre before? Wow with the baguette poking out of your backpack, your constant talking and the game of flappy bird you had during Valjean's last confession ... I honestly would have never guessed! Theatre Etiquette has taken a dramatic turn for the worse hasn't it? I almost feel there is [...]


Are you musically creative? Fancy being the voice of thousands of MTAS videos? Like the idea of thousands of people singing your tune? Well put your Mic where your mouth is as we give you... #MTASJINGLECOMP We are looking for one of you or a group to create the jingle that accompanies all our HD [...]

We need the Arts! STOP the budget cuts

The Arts are experiencing massive budget cuts with many local theatres slowly being shut down as a result. There seems to be an unwritten order of importance in this world with the Arts unfortunately sitting comfortably on the lower spectrum. It was not too long ago that the artists of social media went crazy as [...]

Hamilton Performance updates

The much anticipated Hamilton has brought back their dates for previews to November 2017 at the refurbished Victoria Palace Theatre. It is rumoured to begin performances the following December; dare I say a Christmas present we can all enjoy. The story of Hamilton is inspired by true events following Alexander Hamilton by Chernow. This adaptation [...]

Should audience members be expected to dress up for the Theatre?

The MTAS Facebook page has recently been discussing something that I feel warrants a little attention. As someone who often goes to the theatre in leggings and a top it is hard to remain unbiased when presenting this blog; so I urge you to remain mindful of my biasness when reading this. A post on [...]

Where are the roles for older people in musical theatre?

The death of the much loved Ann Emery has been in the news recently. She was 86 when she died and she played Grandma in Billy Elliot from 2005 – 2010, which means she was still playing Grandma when she was 80. I’ve been pondering the opportunities for older people in Musical Theatre lately. I’m [...]