Badges information!

Hi all,

So I am here to tell you about this amazing thing, called acting!

Now as an actor, performer, technician, musician or just someone who loves to dress up, we are by Nature … poor!

However there are things we can do to tackle this. Aside from being Elphaba and working in the west end every night, there are some of us who are touring in the good old land on children’s theatre!

While it is an ever rewarding job and I love being able to actually tour; I also enjoy actually having money hahahah!

So, how do I live with this predicament? DISCOUNTSSSSS! A hell of a lot of discount and fluttering my eyes!

So, as a society that supports mainly musical theatre, what can we give back to you?

We have been working our little poor fingers to the bone to get you crazy performers some rewards back! We can begin with a great partnership with our version of Costa, THE THEATRE CAFE!!!

mtas-badgeThat’s right! All you have to do is purchase a £2.50 badge, that not only helps you recognise someone as being part of something massive (we defo sound like a gang) but it will also get you 20% off at the theatre cafe! That’s amazing!!!

We’re working to get some more discounts on the way and soon our brand will be massively noticed throughout the industry!

You can get them by following this link …
I have mine, I’m ready to be part of something massive! Are you?

Toss Toss xx



One thought on “Badges information!

  1. Please can you allow me a moment of your time I have a request could you foward info on a badge as I have a special friend who truely really wants one I have tried so many ways to find the perfect friendship present she loves musical s lives dreams and has seen 8 western play add two more
    If you can help me please e mail me on
    I be willing to pay as much as it takes
    Just to give this remarkable lady a wish


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