We need the Arts! STOP the budget cuts

The Arts are experiencing massive budget cuts with many local theatres slowly being shut down as a result. There seems to be an unwritten order of importance in this world with the Arts unfortunately sitting comfortably on the lower spectrum.

Posted on MTAS by Tony Monblat

It was not too long ago that the artists of social media went crazy as Sky News reporter Tim Walker shunned the sheer dedication and effort invested into the performing arts industry on national TV! I distinctly remember his careless interpretation of what it meant to be a performer ‘..anyone can belt out a song’. Video can be found here: http://theactorspad.com/2016/04/04/skynews-reporter-snubs-kinky-boots-musical-theatre-at-the-olivier-awards-anyone-can-belt-out-a-song

Russell Tovey who has now apologised, was also widely criticised for suggesting Drama students ‘prance around’

Suggested drama students were too ‘effeminate’

Unfortunately these opinions are not uncommon. It is not pivotal for everyone to like the theatre or a musical show. All of course, is subjective. But to not enjoy is not the same as not understanding the effort behind it. To not understand the careers formed through it. Or the passion many feel for it. But above all – why we need it! The arts have many benefits. It offers an artistic escape in a world riddled in politics. It allows a sense of togetherness. A full house is not only beneficial to the performers but to an audience too. A full audience alters the atmosphere positively. A united laughter and a thunderous applaud all help to build up that great theatre experience. For many performers, it is only through the process of performing as someone else do they learn to be themselves.

As a regular to the West End I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without the arts. The surge of happiness I feel watching, directing or operating a show can not be replicated or found anywhere else. There is that saying “not everybody can be doctors” when justifying why we have performers. But truthfully, a much-needed adjustment in my opinion would be “not everybody can be performers”. No we may not possess the skills to perform surgeries. But there is a healing process that takes place when watching a show. One that goes beyond medical examinations. And it is simply and to put quite frank the power of happiness. In fact many theatre practitioners pioneered the ideology that theatre allowed audiences to purge (rid someone of an unwanted feeling, memory or condition). Perhaps we visit a show because one of its songs reminds us of someone who is no longer around. The reasons are our own, but the results united.

For many performers, it is only through the process of performing as someone else do they learn to be themselves.

Unlike events or seasons linked to our childhood like the innocent perception of Santa; the joys of theatre tend to follow us into our adulthood. Our MTAS Facebook page has no age limits but the restriction put forward by Facebook itself. We have members of all ages, with the excitement of older and younger members evenly matched. The power of the arts is endless. So why we continue to experience these cuts I will never know. Let us encourage the Arts, let us encourage creative escapism. So if you see a petition to keep a theatre open sign it, if you see a plea for funds to fix a theatre roof share it. Let us help sustain the very thing that unites us!

Written by MTAS admin for @MTAS_Offical

Twitter: @SimplyWilly


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