Politics: There is a time and place for it… Or a time and STAGE for it?

I imagine it comes to no surprise that both MTAS admin (@Simplywilly) and MTAS blogger (@merrynknowles) choose to produce a joint article on this subject. However, we do not share the same views in all areas of the content; so have united solely to provide two sides of the widely spread debate - Politics: There [...]

What came first? The musical or the film…

Katie Rose (@katie_e_rose) writing for @MTAS_Official I have loved the theatre for quite some time, and having studied it at university, I'm very intrigued by the subject below and would love to get your thoughts to! During a recent  viewing; having missed it the first time round when it was in Dartford, mainly due to [...]

Half A Sixpence: Flash Bang Wonderful

New British musicals in the West End have grown very scarce lately. Most shows that open in the West End are either Broadway transfers or revivals. A few days ago though, performances of a “new” British musical began. I’m talking of course about “Half A Sixpence”. Although technically it has been done before, it has [...]

Filming in Theatres

Jade Saunders (@jade40094269) writing for MTAS Filming in theatres... a complete no go right? Well, personally I can't decide! I am eternally grateful for all those bootlegs floating around on YouTube, I mean how else would I get to hear Anna O'Byrne in Phantom or see Kerry Ellis on Broadway. Or even reliving some old moments such [...]