SNAPCHAT: A Beginners Guide

Ever seen a profile picture and wondered why it had animated dog ears and a tongue attached?


First of all what is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an app designed for snapping and chatting! What makes it significantly different from similar apps is the time limit allowed on its video recordings and its unique filters. But I’m moving way too fast… so let’s start at the very beginning (I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start).

Yes Please!

Okay no problem, but before we do this – download the app and we’ll go through step by step! Done it?


You’re lying to me

Okay it’s done now

Awesome let’s get snapcheducated! The first thing your new app will ask you to do is sign up (as seen below)


The first thing you will see when completing your sign up is a screen that will allow you to take pictures or really really short videos!

Oooh how do I do this?

As demonstrated above clicking the button once will allow for you to take a picture, whilst pressing it down will allow for a video! In the video demonstration you may notice that the circle outline is slowly turning red. This is because all videos are limited to about 7 seconds. Once the red circle is filled up – your video is done! These are videos designed for snap moments and rapid chats.

So what happens after I have taken a photo/video?

Well my friend – this is completely up to you! You can choose to allow everybody who has you as a friend on snapchat to view it or you can send it to a selected few.

Yes but –

How? I’m getting there buddy… Once you have your fantastic photo – a blue arrow situated directly on the bottom right hand corner will appear like a yellow brick road leading you to a Wizard. Press this button my friend – follow the yellow brick road!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This will lead you to your snapchat address book. Selecting anything in ‘My Story’ means that anybody in your snapchat address book has access to it! But it doesn’t mean they have to watch it. If you want to get the attention of a selected view you can actually select them directly! Be careful to double-check when sending something – you can not, I repeat not take it back! If it is a video you have sent they do not keep it forever but merely view it once and it disappears! There is a way to watch it just once more but honestly this is a feature I recommend you playing around with and discovering.


Note: My story will always be at the top, where as your friends will be divided into alphabetical order running below it. You can also scroll through your friends and send them a message!


You speak of these friends… how do I go about adding them?

Adding friends to snapchat is super easy! (If of course they have it). On the screen enabling you to take pictures, if you simply swipe downwards once, you will be led to a screen that allows you to add friends (as seen below). You can add friends by username if you know it – or by the contacts on your actual phone! Props to snapchat on this ….they make it super easy to have friends on there! Let’s practice adding one together!

So in 5 steps!

Swipe down – Add friends – Add by username – type in MTASSOCIETY – and add!


So now you know how to take pictures/videos and add friends!

That’s brilliant … but you know what I came here for…

Oh boy

That’s right… The dog filters!

Okay, I’ll try my best to make this easy for you. On your picture/video taking screen like all cameras you have the option to take a picture of something or take a selfie! Double tapping the screen will allow you to interchange between selfie mode and whatever the opposite of selfie mode is called! In order to generate the power of the Snapchat filter – ensure that your camera is in selfie mode! Now try to not overcomplicate this next bit when reading

I’m scared

So am I friend. So am I. With your screen in selfie mode I need you to press on the screen where your face is. This will allow for snapchat to detect your face and what I can only describe as the outline of an uncoloured spiderman mask will appear momentarily.


Once snapchat has detected your face, a series of filter options will appear at the bottom. Scroll through them and enjoy!


Yes the dog face is amongst them!

Has it worked?

Woof Woof

(sighs) So today you learned how to sign up, add friends, take pictures, videos and use some filters. There are more features but these are your basics! Once you’ve added MTAS feel free to message us if you’re struggling. Like anything in life the more you use it the more you become accustomed. Some of our takeover stars had only downloaded the app for us and became pros overnight! With the quickest one learning within ten minutes of her takeover! Play around with it, discover new features and don’t be afraid to ask for help okay?


I’m done.

Written by MTAS admin @simplywilly for @mtas_official



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