Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

keira-dulakeKeira Dulake (@keiradulake20) writing on behalf of the Musical Theatre Appreciation Society.

Where to start really?… This show is borderline impossible to get tickets for (but I’ll give you a couple of tips later on!), now being sold out until early 2018. I was incredibly lucky to get tickets for the #BackToHogwarts Pottermore special. They cost a staggering £130, but for stalls tickets and two incredible shows in one day, I’d definitely say that the price was worth it (even as a student)!

Now I’m going to keep this a spoiler free as possible, keeping to the rules of my #KeepTheSecrets badge. However the script rehearsal edition is now available to buy and endless reviews online have given away the plot anyway! But the show itself have secrets that I don’t want to give away because it might lose its ‘wow’ factor.

hp-castLet’s be honest, when J.K Rowling announced Cursed Child was going to be on the West End, everyone had extremely high expectations because Harry Potter + West End Production= incredible potential. It’s fair to say they definitely lived up to expectations and further. It truly is like watching magic happening right in front of your eyes, but for 4 and 1/2 hours.

There are so many good parts of this play and what is most incredible is the uniqueness and fluency of all the set changes, illusions and lighting. On the technical side of the show I would honestly say that it is the best production I have ever seen.

The story itself had bits that could easily be improved, and the acting was a bit exaggerated in some points. You wouldn’t expect it from a Malfoy, but Scorpius has many comical moments, some of them perhaps a bit out of place or over the top. The dips in and out of the past is a really nice balance in the show, especially for those who are total Potterheads as the references to Goblet of Fire are almost nostalgic. Despite some room for improvement in the story, it doesn’t take away from the brilliance of the play.

hp-setThe villainess in this show doesn’t quite have the stage presence that our former villain, Voldemort gave in the films. Perhaps it’s direction, not necessarily acting, but she doesn’t appear very ‘scary’. Older Harry, Ron and Hermione haven’t become any less mischievous even in their late 30’s. Rose Granger-Weasley doesn’t have a big of a part as you may expect, and truthfully she doesn’t behave like you would expect from the daughter of Ron & Hermione, maybe her parents and uncles fame went to her head, who knows? Nor is Albus Potter in any means a replica of Harry, in fact the plot is based upon them being as different as possible.

There’s a lot more I could say about the techie side of the show, but I really don’t want to give away the secrets that make this so good! I really want to share more, but I don’t want to be the person to spoil it for anyone, but I can say it deserves every 5* review it has! If you’re ever lucky enough to get tickets to this, it’s worth every penny.

Ticket TIPS:
nimaxThe next batch of tickets goes on sale on January 23rd and my advice to those who are trying to buy tickets is to join both the Nimax and ATG subscription list to know as soon as the links go live. Also when given the chance to buy you choose if you want to go through ATG or Nimax. Last time tickets went on sale people seemed to get through the process quicker through Nimax, may be a coincidence but also worth considering.

The queues to buy tickets online when the new batches go on sale will be VERY long. It took me about 5 hours in the queue, but it was worth it! I’ve already booked to go again January 2018 and I’m literally counting down the days.

This is already quite well known but worth mentioning anyway… Every Friday at 1pm there are 40 tickets released for shows the following week at just £40. There are a mix of dates and seats available but it is done entirely as a lottery. For more information see here. If you do ever win, do let us at @MTAS_Official know!!

Have you been lucky enough to already see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child?
What did you think, do you agree with Keria? Obviously #KeepTheSecret but what can you tell us… 


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