So we figured that you all didn’t know too much about your bloggers, so here we go … a brand new series of #banterwithablogger

So Basically, you all submit a question for every month! Admin choose the best question and on the last day of the month they all get posted!

Lets seeeeeee, we shall kick off with the old classic of “Who ARE you?”

“What’s your name man?” – CHARLIE REYNOLDS

Hey! I’m Charlie, a 23 year old Disney addict, aspiring wizard and theatre enthusiast. I currently work as a Student Advisory Officer at the University of London, but let’s not try and make this sound like a CV. I’ve been obsessed with theatre, musical theatre especially, since a young age, probably like most people in the MTAS Facebook Group. The first ever production I saw was Mary Poppins, way back when in 2006, and I’ve never looked back. As cliché as it sounds, there is nothing like live theatre. I’ve enjoyed taking part in various amateur productions, and am hoping in the future to get back involved again.

When it comes to blogging, I dabbled into the art form whilst I was studying for my History BA at the University of Kent, creating a theatre based blog. I really enjoyed it! – Adult life got in the way and I was required to start that 9 – 5 life. It took me a while to really get settled and started blogging again in July 2016. As I was planning for a Walt Disney World trip at the time, I started an un-healthy obsession with planning blogs, and thought why the hell not, let’s start my own. I also wanted to include some aspect of theatre, as I really enjoyed writing about shows I had seen. As Into the Woods is my favourite musical, I thought ‘that is the spell’ was very apt. I am so thrilled to be writing for the MTAS blog, it has been super fun working with the FB Admin and all the other bloggers. If you haven’t already, check me out below! –


My name is Katie Rose, I live in Kent with my Boyfriend having moved together from Hampshire. During the week I have a 9-5 job as a Care Co-Ordinator for a Care Agency, but in my free time I tend to spend my time socialising with my other half, friends, and family. But also a lot of my spare time goes a lot into theatre.

I have a huge interest in theatre, especially musical theatre and this has been for as long as I can remember. My first ever show was Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream at the London Palladium, and little did my mum and dad know what they were getting me into. I have now seen quite a few shows and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, and I’m lucky enough to be only an hour away from the West End, and my favourite city in the whole world.

“Half a Sixpence, Is Nothing Like half of my Blogs” – KEIRA DULAKE

I am an 18-year-old living in Surrey, currently studying Theatre Production and Stage Management at the Guildford School of Acting. I found my love of theatre when I was about 15 and started my own blog KeirasKritique after a couple of years of visiting shows on the West End. I also trained in singing and gained my Grade 8 from Trinity London in 2016.

“I think i’ll try DEFYING GRAVITY … with my blogs!” … DAWN BUSH

Dawn Bush lives in leafy Warwickshire, which she likes to think of as a suburb of London, with her husband and a dog. One of them is mad as a box of frogs, but at this moment she can’t quite remember which. Dawn recently made the leap from a steady but boring job back into the unsettled world of acting, which proves that madness must be contagious. She loves all theatre, but especially feel-good musicals and classical plays.


They are at your disposal and have a whole world of knowledge and different experiences among them!

What else would you like to know?!

Toss Toss xx


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