My First Time … AT THE OLIVIERS!

Hi All,

Tonight for the Olivier Awards it’s the first time they will be shown on prime time TV. So, heres a blog about my very first time, as a performer, that I saw them live and how they influenced me.

The message of the Oliver’s this year was “Be Inspired”.

Sunday nights awards were truly something. I will try not to give too much away. But Amber Riley’s performance was truly breath taking and was a standing ovation that we truly deserved. The young kids from “School of Rock” opening Act 2 was a real way to lift sprits.

Many of you know the arts are under attack from budget cuts especially in “grass routes levels.” These are important as not only do they make people want to come to the west end, but they also make people want to be IN the west end. The budget cuts also mean the arts are underfunded in the educational sector. There was a clear message that we all need to give back to our community and help in areas that are in need, and MTAS is a great way of doing this.

As a soon to be graduate, last night gave me the confidence that I have made the right career path. We need to work together to achieve common goals. The world at the moment is in a bad and dangerous place but I think I talk for A LOT of people when I say; if your feeling down, if your feeling like you need an escape then go to your local theatre go see a amateur show and get lost in a story and forget about life for awhile. I haven’t gone into depth about who wins what the surprises were as you can find that out tonight on ITV at 20.00 … But to all my fellow thespians I set you this challenge. Go to your local theatre, go see a amateur show, go see something you don’t normally see and go into town and watch a show .. why not even audition to be in one, you’ll learn a lot about yourself as you change and grow as a person.

I leave you with this, “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”


Written by – Oliver Saxon (olivermsaxon) for MTAS


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