Unfolding Tales – Stockwell Playhouse

Everyone knows of the novels of renowned author J.R.R Tolkien, but does anyone really know his story? The journey to become a celebrated figure was not an easy one, full of heartbreak, grief and the torment of war. Despite his difficult life, Tolkien was a man full of dreams. With his friends he wanted to make the world a better place with his stories, but it would appear that the world had different ideas, tearing him away from his love and his friends and into war. Yet, in the depths of disaster Tolkien’s imagination proved powerful enough to allow him to see other worlds away from the war, and he began to become the writer we all thought we knew.

unfolding tales 2

Unfolding tales comes to the stage at the Stockwell Playhouse, a new musical telling Tolkien’s story and the stories of those surrounding him who affected his life, including his love Edith and fellow writers including C.S. Lewis. With a emotional and dramatic score, much like the sweeping score of Les Miserables, the show has the themes of friendship and courage at its very heart, reaffirming the message that having the right people around you and being brave enough to continue on through difficulty can get you through anything and bring you out at the other side a changed and sometimes better person.

liam doyle
Liam Doyle will play the role of J.R.R. Tolkien

With a story spanning across two world wars, from when Tolkien was only a young boy grieving the loss of his mother to the man writing his stories whilst struck with worry for his own children in the war, Unfolding Tales tells the story of one man’s journey through the darkest days to when he become the celebrated author we know him to have been. From his own struggles with love, to feeling his become burdened with the wishes of those he lost, this new and exciting piece of musical theatre will carry you away and immerse you in his world.

The songs are beautiful, full of emotion and heart. You feel for each character with each word, understanding their stories and feeling all of the emotions with them. The score is an emotional rollercoaster, sweeping and poignant.

jodie steele
Jodie Steele will play the role of Mabel Tolkien

With a cast including Liam Doyle (Wicked, Ghost, Legally Blonde) and Jodie Steele (Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar), plus a score by Joseph Purdue, Unfolding Tales comes to the stage of the Stockwell Playhouse on the 11th and 12th of August. Be sure to get your tickets and be there to witness a exciting new piece of musical theatre and learn about the true story of the celebrated author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Buy tickets at https://www.joepurdue.com/tickets


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