Before you read this, I feel obliged to state these opinions are my own and not a representation of MTAS. Whilst my opinions reflect my own bias morals, I appreciate others staying true to their own.

Due to a toilet being out of order, The Theatre Café recently shared its ALL GENDER toilet. The Theatre Café is a small Café situated on Shaftesbury Avenue. It’s musical theatre inspired decor encourages you to feel like you are right where you are supposed to be. Offering their iconic show cups, with some of the tastiest hot chocolates known to man… it’s where you want to be when waiting for a show.

What’s so exciting about the all gender toilet? For some absolutely nothing. For others… everything. Like most people in our loving community, I share the mentality of peeing wherever you want to pee. Whilst my personal cubicle door remains closed, I am not fussed about the gender of who waits outside. Arguably my relaxed mentality stems from being a CIS female. Unfortunately for others the challenges faced when deciding what toilet to use are quite prominent.


Well done to the Theatre Café for silencing some of these challenges.


Not everybody feels this way and that’s fine. However, we at MTAS are firm believers of ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it’.


Written by @simplywilly for @mtasofficial





  1. What about children? Depending on the child’s age they should not be encouraged to go to the toilet on their own regardless of gender sharing or not. It would actually be easier instead of having that argument with grandsons each time I insist they use the ladies. I do not want them going on their own.


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