One Last Day in Yorkshire

Becky Mary (@beckyymary) talks about the closing night of ‘The Girls’ at the Phoenix Theatre.

So as we all can guess this blog is about the closing of ‘The Girls’ at the Phoenix theatre in London (Queue the tears, I am already crying)

the girls.png
Copyright: @beckyymary

This beautiful production sadly closed last night on the 15th of July 2017 after doing a 6 month run in the West End, touch the hearts of many and bringing us a production that had true emotions, love and togetherness in it. The show addresses topics that in the outside realm of theatre we cannot comprehend to even think yet talk about.

Based on a true story we see six friends come together after Annie loses her husband John a well-known man throughout the whole village to blood cancer. They come together despite the troubles of teens going of the rails and even other people not liking what they are doing to do a nude calendar to raise money to get a new suite for Skipton general.

Beyond the story of the show these friends then went on to start the charity Bloodwise that started in 1960. (go and have a look at this amazing charity here – The cast of the girls always had a fire to help aid this charity, as some of you will know after every show they would collect for Bloodwise raising thousands of pounds. (They also collected for Manchester and London too)

So this is the part it gets really sad. The departing of ‘The Girls’ a lot of us felt was too soon including the cast. The fact that it had such a great message behind it and related to all of us in some way meant that it stood out from the other shows. It took you through a rollercoaster of emotions, from comedic numbers to heart wrenching ballads in the space of minutes. I think that personally drew me into this musical it made it seem that you will have time when you feel down and sad but you are not alone and you can live.

The cast members who I cannot list all here because it would take forever (literally) are fantastic and stunning performers. Each member had fun on stage and you could see that they had worked so hard to get the show as slick as possible for everyone. As well as this they are a very close group as some of the cast have been doing the show before it came to the west end. As one member described it ‘It’s a massive family with 6 mothers’. In addition, each cast member would stop and talk to anyone who came to stage door or even in the foyer on the way out to say thank you, take pictures or even just general chat. I wish every piece of luck to them all now on their new journey.

Now you have got this far and yes it’s been a sad blog to write but there is a ray of sunshine. The show will be going on tour in 2018 to over 45 venues (still to be announced). So if you did miss it do not be alarmed you can go and see it on tour. The dates for the tour will be announced in September time of 2017 so if you want to be the first to know go and follow them on @thegirlsmusical.

As well as this the cast album is yet to have a date, but we hope its soon so we can sing along in the car or shower so do keep your eyes peeled for that.

girlts twit.png

Finally, I think from everyone I know that has seen the show, we can all agree that The Girls musical changed some people’s lives and has a special place in our hearts. We wish the Cast, Crew and Creatives the best for the future.




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