Luck be a Lady! – The West End Lotteries!

So before New Year I wrote a blog ‘What’s the Deal’ giving advice on how to get cheap tickets. I mention Lotteries that some show partake in to give the public a chance for great seats at a discounted price! So this time I’m going to go into a little more detail of what one to look out for! I have been lucky to have won two of these great Lotteries; it just makes me want to try more!

  1. TodayTix lotteries

today tix.pngWhat? – I’d be very surprised if none of you had this amazing app! Along with great ticket prices for current shows on the West End, they also hold Front Row Lotteries for certain performances. Now of the time of this blog the current lotteries available are for long running shows – Kinky Boots, and Dream Girls, now this lottery is for Front Row of the Matinee/Nights performances. Kinky Boots are at a price of £20, and Dream Girls £15. There are also Lotteries for short run shows Lady Day and The Great Gatsby, from what I can see of this lottery, is you get great seats for a discounted price both at £20. Be aware that the lotteries do change, and new ones come on with any new shows hitting the West End, so get the app and keep your eyes peeled!


How to Enter – Make sure you have a freed up evening with nothing planned, and an easy route to travel to London. Each lottery if for THAT day of entry, so if you have something to do, or planned I wouldn’t enter! All you have to do is have a login for TodayTix, go to the shows page on the App and scroll down to the lottery entry. Swipe, state how many seats you are looking for – Maximum is 2, and swipe to enter. You will then receive an e-mail to confirm your entree, as well as a given an option to boost your chance at winning by either sharing your participation on Facebook and twitter or both!

random.pngHow Will I know if I Win? – TodayTix will confirm the winner around 15.30 this will be sent to you via e-mail – or sometimes the app makes a trumpet noise to notify you via the app. You then have 1 hour to claim your tickets. HOWEVER please be aware that sometime you may not get an e-mail, this is due to you be in a waiting line, as if the 1st winner fails to purchase the ticket it will go to the next candidate. Please don’t worry as they give you enough time to get to London with the latest being 17:30. For more information, go here.

  1. Aladdin Lottery

What? – The current top Disney show playing at the Prince Edward Theatre is very high demand, and the price of tickets to reflect that! So Disney have come together to hold lotteries for lucky candidates to win a pair tickets for great seats at a brilliant discounted price of £25!


lamp.pngHow to Enter – There are two ways, one in person – turn up on the day, try your chances and fill out a form. Then spend the day in London and they will contact you if your their winner for the days performance. Then there is the Online chance – every Monday the lottery opens to the public, you give your details, make a choice of which performances you can attend the following week and if you would like 2 of 1 ticket. Then give your details, e-mail and clicks submit. You will then get a e-mail to say you have entered. Similar to that of TodayTix you have the option to share on social media to boost your chances.
How Will I Know if I Win? – You will receive an e-mail on Wednesday to confirm if you are a winner for your selected tickets, specifying the date that you can go. You then can purchase your tickets, a confirmation will be sent and then get excited for your viewing in the next week! What’s not to love? For further information, go here.

  1. Book of Mormon Lottery

bom.pngWhat? – Twenty-one tickets for each performance will be sold through an on-the-day lottery at the theatre for £20 each.
How to Enter/How Will I Know if I Win? – In Person at the Prince of Wales Theatre – entries are accepted 2½ hours prior to each performance. Names are drawn at random with a limit of one entry per person and up to two tickets per winner. Tickets are subject to availability. All entries checked for duplication.  However, winners must be present at the time of the draw and have valid ID. Online –WEEKLY, One additional pair of seats for each performance will be made available at £20 per ticket via a weekly online Twitter lottery. Entries accepted from 12 noon each Wednesday for performances the following week. You will then be contacted via e-mail if you have won, and to purchase your tickets. For further information go here.

  1. Friday Forty – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

What? – Every Friday 40 tickets are released at 13.00 for the following week’s hp.pngperformances – both parts. You apply for the Best Seats in house at a cost of £40, £20 per part in consecutive performances. You will be able to purchase a maximum of two tickets for both Part One and Part Two in one transaction. To ensure that as many people as possible have the chance to access these great value tickets, they are only available to buy online. It is not possible to purchase these tickets in person at the Palace Theatre or anywhere else.

How to Enter To purchase these tickets, you need to visit the official webpage, just scroll down to the bottom where it states Friday Forty and as the countdown clock turns to zero. At 13.00 every Friday, the countdown changes into a ‘book tickets’ button. Click the button and you will be taken through to an online virtual queue. countdown Customers are then selected at random for the opportunity to buy tickets online. When you click through to the Friday Forty you will be asked to complete a simple security exercise so that we know you are a real person! This is in order to ensure our customers get the tickets, not bots and ticket touts. There may be a slight delay to access the page but don’t worry, this will not affect your chances in the Friday Forty. This can be done via Mobile phone, or on computer.

How Will I Know if I Win? – If you are the lucky winner you will go through to the book.pngNimax ticket page, where you can choose which days you want to attend – Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday both parts on the same day, or Thursday Part One, and Friday Part Two. You also have the option to choose the stalls, or dress circle as to where you sit. Personally I went for the dress circle-see left. You then have 15 minute to purchase tickets. You will then receive an e-mail to confirm your purchase and win, with further information of where you can pick them up at the box office on the day

Now this is just a few of the lotteries based in London West End, and I may have missed some. All I know is I have been lucky to have won 2 of the lotteries above, Kinky Boots Front Row with TodayTix and The Friday Forty with Harry Potter! I highly recommend taking your chances, I know I will on some of them I haven’t yet won! So have you been lucky to win any of the above? Got any pointers on boosting your chances? And have I missed any?



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