All Aboard!! -Starlight Express set to return to its tracks in the West End!

The other palace made an announcement to day, that the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Starlight Express will be returning. Is MTAS family couldn’t be more excited! 
Opening first in 1984 at the Apollo Victoria theatre (now home of Wicked) and ran until 2002. It tells the tale about a child’s train set that comes to life to compete in becoming the fastest engine in the world. Similar to Cats, each carriage has their own song such as the classic AC/DC, Belle the Sleeping Car.
Now it is a return but, this is a workshop, with the aim to explore the score and lyrics to get a response from the audience and feedback, in hope it may find a permanent home back in the West End. All original creative team (Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Stilgoe, and Arlene Phillips) for the production have reunited, but actors and musicians have yet to be announced. The original cast starred John Partridge and Stephanie Lawrence. I for one cannot wait to see who is cast in this production and the approach they take-especially with the costumes and will the roller-skates return?!?
other palace.jpg
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Other Palace’

One thing’s for sure, it is great to see these classic forgotten musicals returning to where they belong and to the fans that loved them in the past! I commiserate The Other Palace, which is owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber, for giving it a second chance, and renovation – so to speak. It would be great to have this as an ongoing theme. I for one do love the new musicals, but there are shows of the past I have been gutted to have missed out on, and or miss! I would love to see R and H’s Oklahoma return, MTAS Admin & Blogger Dries Janssens prays that Jekyll and Hyde rises again! Are there any shows that you would like to return?

Tickets are on sale now, and from what I can see are going fast! Playing only from 14th September – 16th September, I know I’m purchasing as I type!  Tickets available
Written by Katie Rose: @KTRoseReview

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