The Ten Commandments of a Theatre Lover!

1. The Classic Where Am I/Stage/Programme Shot

Let’s face it, when we are at a show we want the world to know…or rather our friends on all our social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we will always grab at the chance to snap the stage – maybe with the programme in the bottom left corner, Guilty! It just must be done. It’s great to watch when in the theatre, people take their seats and the phones and programmes come out.


2. Love the Smell of Your Theatre Programmes.

I had decided to post on the MTAS Facebook page this year, to openly admit and confess that I love the smell of my programmes – and I have a fair few of them! To my surprise, I discovered I was not alone…having received 70 likes, and 17 comments all confessing their love too. I mean come on, every time I get a sniff of one I am transformed back to that production, that seat bringing a smile to my face. It’s also a little bit of comfort for me…I’m sure you can relate?

3. The Love of the Understudy
Always a hot topic on the MTAS page, but one thing is clear we respect the understudy, celebrating them and cheering them on with Pride. To some we even have our favourites and purposely go to a production to see them in action. I for one went to see Jon Robyns as the alternative Huey in Memphis, and Ian Macintosh when he performed as Drew in Rock of Ages. I know some MTAS fans have a soft spot for alternative Effie Marisha Wallace in Dreamgirls.

“I love the smell of my programmes”

 4. Stage Door Antics
I’d be very surprised if not one of you has visited the amazing stage door of a theatre, undergoing the experience of meeting the performers. I for one have been to a fair few and believe me it’s not always the celebrity that I am more excited to meet, but the celebrities of the West End! It’s not often I will talk to my friends mentioning names such as Kerry Ellis, Michael Xavier, Simon Lipkin, Nathan Amzi, Killian Donnelly and Jon Robyns without getting a ‘who?’ comment. But, nonetheless it is a great feeling to meet the cast, get an autograph, and a selfie with your favourite West End Star! But also respect them if they choose to not come out – you will get your chance one day.

5. You Can’t Leave the Theatre Cafe, London Without taking a photo


Yes you heard correctly, and we are all guilty of it. Even if you don’t have to use the toilet you will happily queue just to get a snap. But why not?

The classic dressing room lighting is just perfect for a selfie, making you feel glamorous and a West End Star! Even top Celebrities can’t not take one, such as Mcfly lead Singer, brother of West End Start Carrie Fletcher, Tom Fletcher! I’ve done it, some of the other MTAS bloggers have, have you?

6. The ‘Seen It’ Game on the London underground.
I had posted another confession on the MTAS page, once again being pleasantly surprised that I was not alone! But, when you go to London and you journey on the underground it is not uncommon to see many West End Production posters planted all over the tube. To me it’s a great game of riding the escalator and pointing to every individual poster stating whether I have seen it, wanted to see it, or not fussed to my friends. I even do it in my head if I’m on my own – it just has to be done, making the journey a lot more enjoyable too!

 7. Your Shower/Car is Your Own Personal Studio
You love theatre, and you want the world to hear it, so when we get the chance to warm up the vocal cords, one things for sure is the shower is a great place to do so. Great acoustics, with no interruptions for sure! You can belt out every number with delight! Similar to being in the car, just you, the road, and your playlist. No shame with acting out each song with passion behind the wheel – you may get some weird looks but believe me in a traffic jam there is nothing more fun! In some occasions I’ve even got applauded – I mean you should finish the song before you get out of the car, right? Even if you are in a car park!

8. Your Smart Phone Music is mainly Musical Theatre – ‘Top 40’ what’s that?
My current ‘Musical Galore’ playlist on my iPhone is 773 songs, 43 hours, and 19 minutes! I am sure that many of you have one on your phone/Spotify and it could be much more than mine! But there is room for growth – which is a great positive, there is always space for new soundtracks to listen to! Who needs Bieber when I have Oliver Tompsett in my ears/speakers!

 9.   Your Programmes are in Mint Condition
You are all guilty of it, all having a special place or way of keeping those show programmes in tip-top condition; especially those that are signed! You will make a point of asking for a bag to keep it safe until you return home. Mine are all wrapped in their original bags within boxes under my bed. There was a time where my boss had a treasure hunt with work, one thing she needed to find was a ‘Lion King’ programme. Without a doubt, she came straight to me, but was very confused when I had some rules prior to her having it – She was to keep it in the bag at all times, and to not put it anywhere near liquids. |m sure you can all understand? My biggest collection I have, stamps are ok but Programmes are better!


10. Me Constantly: It’s From A Musical
We have all said it! When we are with a group of friends, work colleagues and within the conversation it gives you a chance to reference a musical that you think it brilliant, it gets the confused faces, the ‘Huh?’ ‘Whats?’ to which you sigh and then explain ‘it’s from a musical.’  Although in truth, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We are proud and happy to love musical theatre.


So which ones are you guilty of? Comment below, or send photos of your stage shots, Theatre Cafe toilet selfies! Let’s all stand together, proud and happy to be Theatre Fans!!

Written by Katie Rose: @KTRoseReview


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