Marisha Wallace Soul Holiday Concert [20:00]

Marisha Wallaces #SoulHoliday concert was nothing short of a true christmas miracle!

On arriving we were informed that her previous concert had just ended fifteen minutes prior. We began to ponder how Marisha would be able to sustain her energy levels with what would’ve only been a thirty minute break. Arriving to a brilliantly festive lit stage with a grand piano lending itself to the relaxed atmosphere…we knew we were about to find out!


Marisha performed songs from her new christmas album available here. Her album consists of your christmas favourites with their very own Wallace twist. This saw the traditional christmas songs performed with jazzy-blues influences; with a bass that demanded your shoulders to bop up and down. The album itself, both studio recorded and live has a real stripped back Jazz bar feel to it. It truly is a combined experience of real voices and real musicians bringing you real and raw music.

“Her last words to me were ‘you need to be my voice’ so here I am”

Former co-star Tyrone Huntley also appeared as a special guest. Joining her for a few songs including Marvin Gayes ‘What’s going on?’. This number had the audience whooping and clapping sporadically. Positivity and world peace appeared to be a central theme that echoed throughout the concert. It felt very much that Marisha wanted to use her voice to spread positivity. This was done through quips, comedy and genuine emotion which allowed her intent to dissuade from appearing preachy and her natural likeability prevailed.

Involuntarily whoops and applauses were constant; with Marishas voice and stage personality more than deserving. She revealed personal anecdotes between each song allowing us a piece of her life each time. The tones of these anecdotes varied with her comparing one of her traditional christmas dishes to the smell of poo. “Ya’ll [sic] houses smell like sugar and sweets on christmas, mine smells like poo” – Marisha Wallace. These anecdotes were great segways into her performances with the connections occurring authentically. However, not all her stories were told for comedic value. A story of her grandmother losing her voice to cancer had the whole audience incredibly emotional. “Her last words to me were ‘you need to be my voice’ so here I am” – Marisha Wallace.


Taken by Admin @TheLewisSnell

The Soul Holiday concert wasn’t just a performer singing songs, it was an experience. One that consisted of flawless vocals, slick transitions, a wonderful band who remained emote despite being stationary. Backing singers who poured their souls into their vocals and a tech team who did not miss a single cue. All involved in this project should feel immensely proud. As the atmosphere Marisha created throughout was not replicable or faux. We were truly in the moment and you simply had to be there to feel it.


Reviewed by @SimplyWilly for @MTAS_Official


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